Riesling Sekt b.A. trocken, Briedeler Herzchen 2002


Briedeler Herzchen
Riesling Sekt b.A.
Klassische Flaschengärung

Winery Alfred Reis
Hauptstr. 219, D-56867 Briedel/Mosel
Tel./Fax 0 65 42 / 43 06
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Wine # 16
0,75 l btl., Price: 7,50 Euro
11,9% vol , RS: 28,0g/l, WS: 7,6g/l
This sparkling wine is from the wine growing region Mosel-Saar-Ruwer. The wine was made of Riesling grapes of the vintage 2002, which were grown in the vineyards of the site Briedeler Herzchen. The taste is dry.
The Riesling is the noblest grape-variety with many variations. It is light, fine, fruity (Peach, Apple), classy and elegant.
This sparkling wine is made after the traditional Champagne method.

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